ShieldGen is designed to provide unbeatable protection with its sleek and lightweight performance, making it the ultimate solution for those who prioritize safety while on the go. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, security guard, or simply someone who values safety, our ShieldGen is the perfect addition to your safety gear.
Crafted from a newly developed material, our ShieldGen is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry, making it the perfect choice for daily use. Despite its ultralight construction, our protection plate is made with unique materials that are incredibly reliable and capable of withstanding even the toughest conditions.
With an NIJ 0115.01 Stab Resistance Level 3, ShieldGen offers protection against stabbing and cutting attacks, providing you with the peace of mind you need to confidently go about your day.
Product Feature:
NIJ 0115.01 Stab Resistance Level 3
With an NIJ 0115.01 Stab Resistance Level 3 plate, ShieldGen can effectively prevent cutting or piercing by sharp objects.
Anti-Cut & Anti-Stab
ShieldGen is meticulously engineered to provide robust resistance against cutting and stabbing forces, effectively thwarting attempts to breach its protective barrier.
High Toughness
ShieldGen has high toughness, allowing it to withstand certain impacts and bends, improving its product life.
Ultralight Weight
Despite its formidable strength, ShieldGen remains impressively lightweight, optimizing user comfort and minimizing fatigue during extended wear or transport.
Water Resistant
ShieldGen's impeccable design includes effective water resistance, rendering it impervious to the detrimental effects of moisture. This feature ensures reliable performance even in damp or wet environments.
Flame Retardant 
ShieldGenthe possesses inherent flame retardant properties, it is effective at slowing down the spread of flames. 
ShieldGen's composition incorporates corrosion-resistant elements, fortifying it against the damaging effects of corrosive substances, chemicals, and moisture. This resilience ensures the ShieldGen's integrity and extends its service life.
Highly Durable
With uncompromising durability, the ShieldGen is built to withstand prolonged usage and harsh conditions. Its rugged construction and superior materials imbue it with remarkable resilience, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of demanding applications.